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Rotary in the 21st century

Rotary in the 21st century
 Dear Rotarian leader

I am pleased to share a few messages disseminated on the occasion of the Conference held at 4700 District in the period of May 15 to 17/2015 in Sarandi - Rio Grande do Sul - Brazil
Rotary in the 21st century was the topic focused. I think that the flowering of this remarkable institution in this century is indelibly linked to the understanding of the circumstances that surround us, as Paul Harris designed the institution and implemented it on the basis of the circumstances of the time.
A brave attempt, but still shy, is the future vision plan where are defined key areas in which we should concentrate our energy, still in the form of assistance. Rotarian rulers must realize that if all you ever do is all you´ve ever done, then all you'll ever get is all you ever got.
I want to remind the appropriate suggestion of Paul Harris, published in The Rotarian of 1916:
"Rotary will continue to be charitable, but let us exterminate the root cause which makes charity necessary."
"We will practice charity when we could not impose justice. Because it is not charity that we need. Justice reaches the causes of the problem; charity mitigates its effects” Victor Hugo
Also memorable was the message of the last Brazilian President of RI (90-91), the late Paulo Viriato Correa da Costa:
"We know that Rotary does not have the power of Governments; the strength of armies; the money of large corporations; or the mystique of religions that promise eternal life. But it has the faith and enthusiasm of men and women, leaders and volunteers who are willing to offer something in favor of a better world, where will rule the so desired global peace. "
Over 110 years of fruitful Rotarian action in the world, we have much to be proud of, but it's time to, in addition to assistance action, dedicate our energy to the causes of social exclusion.  In other words, besides using the hearts as we did until now, let's use the brain too - searching the source of the problems. After all, there is no human being capitalist or socialist, project is unique.
Rewriting Rotary to meet the challenges of this century, using the same philosophical principles of our founder, constitutes the basis for the flourishing of our institution.
These posts are my contribution to discuss the topic.

Ronaldo Campos Carneiro
4530 DG 2008-9
Brasília – DF - Brazil
PS: In the address below can be viewed on YOUTUBE the lectures and messages sent by the President of RI and by his representative at the Conference.

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Rotary in the 21st century – Message 1 -

Rotary in the 21st century – Message 2  -

Rotary and importance of women action -

Press meeting at Cabinet of Mayor of Sarandi - RS

Messages from RI President Gary Huang and his representative at the Conference Ronaldo Campos Carneiro

Gary-Corinna Huang Official Photo - 15 Aug 2013 (4)Welcome to 2014-15 District Conference.

This is a wonderful opportunity for Rotarians and friends of Rotary enjoy fellowship, inspire through participation in official activities of the program and contact with other Rotarians, and celebrate the success of many activities and initiatives. I remember the wonderful experiences that Corinna and I had these conferences and wish them much success.
I take very seriously a message from the Chinese philosopher Confucius, who said, "it is better to light a candle than curse the darkness". Rotarians live this philosophy every day with the realization of projects in their communities and around the world, lighting candles of hope through their actions.
This year, Light Up Rotary. This is possible if we make the Association to our Organization is fun, we increase our membership, doing more and better projects and we get our Organization. Light Up Rotary is more than a motto. Is how we live, think, feel and work in Rotary. That's how we make a difference every day, in all clubs, districts and countries that we are present.
I hope you enjoy your Conference and come back inspired to get involved more to help Rotary grow and do even more good in the world.
Thank you for Light Up Rotary!
Best regards

Gary Huang
Presidente do RI de 2014-15
Gary C.K. Huang Presidente, 2014-15 T +1.847.866.3467 F +1.847.866.3390


District 4700 Conference - Sarandi RS - Brazil
May 15 to 17/2015

Dear Rotarians fellows

With humility, determination and very proud to be a Rotarian for nearly 30 years, I was invited by the President of RI Gary Huang to represent him in this Conference.
I'm determined to enhance Rotarians actions, especially in the search for dormant talents, transforming them into leaders.
The main element of motivation is the commitment, the involvement.
The Mission of Rotary leader is engaging them, giving them opportunities to feel useful. What enchants a leader are the good examples, ethics and the opportunities, above all create the contingencies necessary for motivation, that is to say, a climate in which members feel motivated to undertake, to get involved.
Autonomy and initiative are the keywords. The leader must be able to offer the companions the necessary autonomy to enable them to exercise their creativity and make decisions. Without autonomy, the partners sit on a routine overwhelming that prevents creativity and don't let them commit to what they do.
Rotary clubs where the initiative is sanctioned or discouraged there can be no motivation nor new leaders will emerge. Human beings need challenges, wants to be challenged, only then will feel proud of yourself. That pride is what will a be motivated and perhaps awaken a new leader who was asleep.

We must seek, above all, increasing connectivity in Rotary Community, incorporating people, instead of doing meeting to discuss and decide what the others must do (rather than simply do), to treat others as "mass" to be mobilised (rather than personal friends to be conquered) and, finally, want to monopolize the lead (rather than stimulate the phenomenon of emergence of several leaders).
I have very clearly that the purpose of Rotary events is to make friends. As simple as that. So people should establish personal communications with each other.
Each Member is a sole participant Rotary, irreplaceable, fully customized, that should be treated always by name, valued for what has peculiar, included the recognition of their distinctive capabilities.
We must seek, above all, the emergence of the phenomenon of several leaders. Everyone can be a leader in any subject you like, master and from which it is able to propose initiatives that are taken voluntarily by others. There are no unique Rotary leaders, leaders of all matters, autocratic leaders who try to monopolize the leadership and prevent others to exercise.
Is the only way to reverse the litany that nobody comes at the meeting, everyone's too busy with its own affairs, which no one wants to cooperate with the collective.
I'm sure you have many things to talk about and learn from the rich experience of this district to Light Up Rotary. My wife Ivani and I want to make many friends in this exciting Rotarian journey


Ronaldo Campos Carneiro
Personal representative of the
President of RI 2014-15 Gary Huang
DG 2008-9 – 4530 District

Brasília, Brazil, may,14/2015


De: Wilfrid Wilkinson []
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Para: Ronaldo Carneiro
Assunto: Rotary in the 21st century

Hello Rtn. Ronaldo
Thank you for your message that summarized the both the Convention in Sao Paulo as well as where Rotary may be heading in its 2nd Century. I was impressed with the remarks of PRIP Paul V C Costa who I met on a few occasions.
Please keep up your good work.

Wilf Wilkinson  

De: Brian D Thiesen []
Enviada em: segunda-feira, 20 de julho de 2015 11:46
Para: 'Ronaldo Carneiro'
Assunto: RE: Rotary in the 21st century

Boa dia

Obrigado .. muito obrigado… irmao!



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