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Personal history

Lucca and Giovanni – “kings of the family”- grandsons

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Personal Information
Mr. Carneiro is Brazilian, born in Itajubá - M.G on December 21, 1946. He was raised in São Paulo – SP by his father, the engineer Romeu Rennó and his mother, Maura Campos Carneiro, a housewife. Married since 1971 to lawyer Ivani Iaropoli Campos Carneiro (1944), Mr. and Mrs. Carneiro have a daughter – the manager Érika Iaropoli Carneiro Mello (1978) who is married to the rally administrator, Rodrigo Mello (1978) and has 2 childs Lucca (january, 22nd, 2002) e Giovanni (march, 23rd, 2007) I. C. O. Mello. Mr. Carneiro lives in Brasília – DF, at SQN 106 bloco F apto 305.
Rotary Life
• Admitted at Rotary Club Brasília Sudoeste in 1986;
• Secretary, President of the International Services Avenue, Internal Services, Professional Services from 1986 to 2005;
• President of RC Brasília Sudoeste – 94/95 (please find attached the Presidential inauguration and farewell speeches);
• Member of the Rotary’s Youth Exchange;
• Host for several youth people exchange;
• Rotary’s GSE (Group Study Exchange) Leader to Gothenburg – Sweden, in 1993;
• Participation in every Rotary District Conference;
• GSE Chairman – from 1998 to 2005;
• Restoration of several RC abroad;
• Paul Harris Entitlement.
Community / Cultural Life
• ACDF (Distrito Federal’s Commercial Association) Director;
• Mayor of SQN 106 (Brasília, DF) in two mandates – from 2001 to 2003;
• President of his residential building committee (bloco F) – 1993;
• In a young age, sports were part of his life – played soccer in Palmeiras / Ypiranga, and participated in the swimming and tennis teams for Asbac;
• Believes strongly in sports for youth, to present a better lifestyle;
• Cultural trips: England, France, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, Hong Kong, China, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, Denmark;
• Appreciates classical music, ballet, books, gymnastics, tennis, theater, opera and MPB (Brazilian Popular Music).
Academic Background
• Industrial Mechanic Engineering - FEI/PUCSP – from 1965 to 1969;
• Master of Science in Management (inc) - California American University – 1977;
• Political Science – Universidade de Brasília (UnB) – from 1980 to 1981;
• Academic Exchange with American universities: Harvard, Boston, New York, Chicago, Washington, California at Berkeley – 1982
• Economic Development - Economic Planning Agency - Tokyo - Japan – 1984;
• Rotary’s GSE (Group Study Exchange) – Gothenburg, Sweden – 1993;
• Public Sector Reform – Austin, TX/ Washington – EUA – 1994.

Professional Experience
• Salute café – partner/owner – coffee shop and hot beverages distribution center – Private micro enterprise – since 1997 – see –

• Senate – Advisor for Senator Nilo Teixeira Campos’ office – PSDB/RJ (deputy for Arthur da Távola – PSDB/RJ ) – 2001/02;

• Electrical Central Furnas – engineer since 1975 – services to several federal public organizations – retired in 1997;

• Planning Ministry – 95/97 – General Coordination of bilateral grants in energy and telecommunications, privatization and contacts with foreign institutions aiming to publicize Brazil’s privatization external experiences – Technical advisor;

• Finance Ministry – 93/95 – conceptualization and financial capacity for the Finance Ministry Structuring Systems Project within World Bank, which involved technological update and interface with the main operational systems, such as SIAFI, SISCOMEX, SIAPE, SIADS;

• Justice Ministry - 90/93. Coordinator of the Quality and Productivity Program;

• Planning Ministry – International area – 86/90 – Contracts negotiation with the World Bank and IDB, infra-structure project grants. Projects negotiation in the bilateral agreements arena with Italy, Japan and Spain;

• Planning Ministry – State-owned control – 80/86 – Project Investment Analysis, state-owned companies budget control;

• Ministry of Mines and Energy – Water and electric energy – 75/80 – Director’s General Advisor for budget, human resources and costs control;

• São Paulo State Government – 74/75 – Development of the 4-year government’s operational strategy (1975/1978)

• São Bernardo do Campo Mayor’s office – SP – 74/75 – GERA (Administrative Reform Executive Group) Coordinator;

• CESP – São Paulo Central Electric – 72/74 – Presidency’s Organizational Systems Advisory Office;

• COMASP – São Paulo Metropolitan Water Company – 70/71 – Organizational Systems Department;

• Ford-Willys do Brasil – 68/69 – Quality Control of Automobiles.
Academic Experience
Former Operational Research, Financial Mathematics and Economy professor at Fundação Getulio Vargas in São Paulo, SP; EESC-Universidade de São Paulo, FEI-PUCSP, São Paulo, SP; and EEI in São José dos Campos / SP.
Main publications
• Return to the origins to deserve tomorrow – a political theory social economic paper. Critical analysis of the capitalism, communism and a third via proposal based on humanism. Paper presented in several American universities at the U.S. government request – please see attached.
• Manifest to the workers, businessmen and government - proposal for an agreement of wills based in a redistribution of responsibilities in the social arena - nutrition, health and education, with a subsequent reduction of the governmental intervention in the economic process - please see attached.
• Government Operational Strategy - co-author with the planning group from the São Paulo State Government for the years of 75 to 78.
• Matritial Concepts - an alternative for public structuring. Critical analysis of the public institutions, their efficiency and efficacy.
• Specific projects planning and control - co-participation in a paper prepared for the 8th High Executives Meeting in Buenos Aires - Nov/73
• Basic merge plan – with activities planning for company merges.
• Project transference for starting operations – paper presented at ENCO – National Constructors Meeting. Administrative and information scheme. Promotion of the Engineering Institute – Jan/72.
• Convenience, limitations and guidance for the use of organizational consulting.
Awards Granted to Mr. Carneiro
Paul Harris fellowship - ROTARY CLUB INTERNATIONAL
Tulsa Honorary Citizen - OKLAHOMA - U.S.A.
Jerry Hall –Rotary International Director
Jose Alfredo Pretoni - USP/FGV Professor – ex-curator for Rotary Fundation
Joel Rennó – Former PETROBRAS President
Paulo Romano – Former Congressmen from M.G.

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